World Cities With The Best Roads

World Cities With The Best Roads: Top-10

Where, in which cities in the world are the best roads? Where the motorist does not need to think about the quality of the road surface: the top 10 cities with the highest quality roads. Video and photo.

The road is extremely important for a motorist. It is not surprising that the rating of cities with the best roads and a developed transport system is compiled annually and is a subject of high interest from car owners.


There are many ways to determine which cities have the best and which have the worst roads and transport infrastructure, from social science research to population surveys. The research of the Internet platform for drivers Waze is of interest, the result of which is the Driver Satisfaction Index, based on the analysis of roads and transport infrastructure in cities in more than 40 countries.

Research has been carried out since 2015, so that during this time, specialists have managed to accumulate a lot of important data, and most importantly, to obtain information that allows them to imagine the dynamics of the situation.

What affects the assessment

When analyzing the condition of roads, experts take into account many factors. The most significant of them are:

  • the quality of the road surface;
  • the frequency and quality of road repair works, their planning;
  • condition of roadsides;
  • the presence of traffic jams, the degree of traffic congestion;
  • availability of parking lots, their congestion;
  • availability of vehicles servicing facilities;
  • road lighting at night;
  • availability of objects for temporary or permanent storage and maintenance of vehicles.

Based on these and a number of less significant factors, a general assessment is formed.

Naturally, the rating compiled does not change dramatically from year to year – in order for the roads to be “at their best”, one year is not enough, here you need systematic work in accordance with a clearly worked out plan and control. Therefore, each new rating represents only small changes, the cities of the top ten may change slightly in their positions in each new rating, but the overall picture changes much more slowly.

Where are the best roads in the world?

10. San Diego (USA)

This city in Southern California has long been known not only as a great place for those who love to drive a car, but also for those who prefer to combine driving with admiring beautiful views.

Perhaps there are not many drivers in other cities who would not be surprised by the almost empty streets, magnificent views of the long beaches. It is interesting that despite the light traffic in the city’s carriageway, there are a lot of highways here.

However, it is possible that it is precisely thanks to such a transport system that the streets of San Diego remain blissfully deserted, leaving the driver with no desire to quickly slip through another traffic jam and reach the goal instead of getting real pleasure from driving a car along the way.

The roads of San Diego are a kind of reflection of the history of the city. Initially, its development took into account the focus on road transport, and in the future, the main highways were rebuilt, expanded and re-planned many times in order to maximize the needs of the growing traffic.

9. Milwaukee (USA)

A distinctive feature of the automotive infrastructure of this city in the US state of Wisconsin is a huge number of alternative roads, passages and routes.

The traffic load on Milwaukee’s roads is significantly higher than in San Diego, and there are congestions here. But if the traffic stalls on any of the main city highways, drivers can bypass the arisen traffic jam with literally a dozen routes, which is called “a choice”.

At the same time, the Milwaukee authorities have not forgotten about the pedestrians of their city: on many streets and lanes there are signs limiting the speed of cars to 65 km / h.

8. Taipei (Taiwan)

The roads in the capital of Taiwan cannot be called unloaded. On the contrary, the problem of traffic jams and high car traffic has long been one of the most urgent and required an immediate solution.

The authorities of the metropolis took the path of developing public transport: the creation of new bus routes, the laying of new metro lines, the speed of development of which is a matter of pride for the people of Taiwan.

As a result of the measures taken, the roads of the capital are becoming more and more convenient for motorists every year.

In addition to the development of public transport, the government pays great attention to the reconstruction of the roads themselves. In just a few years, new highways, interchanges and overpasses have appeared in Taipei. The result of all these efforts was the fact that now, even at rush hour, the driver is able to reach any area of ​​the capital in a maximum of half an hour without any problems.

7. Ottawa (Canada)

Ottawa is the best city in the North American continent for driving enthusiasts. An interesting feature of the city is that picturesque boulevards and streets are accessible for cars here – those areas that in most cities are exclusively pedestrian zones.

The capital of Canada is an amazing example when the presence of ring roads for unloading the center really relieves the center, really helps to regulate traffic. As a rule, even with bypass roads during rush hour, it is almost impossible to drive along the boulevards. Ottawa is a happy exception to this rule.

6. Pyongyang (DPRK)

Another city where a motorist who has arrived from another city or country may experience a shock when he realizes that he is driving along a city highway almost in splendid isolation.

Pyongyang also has a well-deserved reputation as a city with excellent roads – the road surface is laid here in accordance with all the rules, with truly Korean painstaking care and attention to the nuances of construction.

Of the shortcomings of this city for motorists, it is perhaps worth mentioning only the shortage of gas stations and car fuel, but this is a common problem for the entire country.

Also, drivers who come to North Korea should remember that compliance with traffic rules here should be treated with maximum attention: violators are punished quickly and severely.

5. Amman (Jordan)

Amman is a very ancient city that grew up on the basis in which the presence of cars in the city was not provided at all. All the more surprising is the fact that such a city today is considered one of the most comfortable for motorists.

Amman is located in the hills. The winding ancient streets of the center expand to the outskirts of the city, gradually turning into modern circular highways, which lead to the spacious West Coast.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting that traffic jams are still found here, but they are not as dense and long-lasting as, for example, in New York or Moscow.

4. Ordos (PRC)

This Chinese city differs in that its so-called “new quarters” are sparsely populated. It is for this reason that the roads in these quarters remain practically free at any time of the day. And if we add the fact that in Ordos almost all roads are new and of high quality, one can only dream of the pleasure of one day driving along wide avenues near new quarters.

3. Nice (France)

Sometimes people try to compare Nice with Sochi, but the comparison turns out, to put it mildly, not in favor of the Russian resort. Of course, in both Sochi and Nice, you can ride along the coastline, enjoying beautiful views, but in Sochi you will certainly get stuck in a traffic jam, but in Nice there are no traffic jams.

There is also one more “highlight” for the car enthusiast in Nice – the best mountain roads in the world depart from this city towards the coastal mountains. The famous pistes around Nice are the dream of every car enthusiast.

2. Naypyidaw (Myanmar)

The roads of this city are very spacious and not at all filled – they are simply too wide for the urban population. Obviously, the locals built them “with a reserve” for the future.

Be that as it may, the Naypyidaw roads are not only spacious and wide, but also the dream of any novice driver who is afraid of getting into an accident: they simply do not exist here!

1. Prague (Czech Republic)

This city is a motorist’s dream. There are traffic jams here, but only at rush hour, and you can always go around them through the lanes. True, it is worth considering that some Prague streets are rather narrow, but a car can still drive through them.

An interesting point is the attitude of the traffic police to violations of the rules when bypassing. There will be no fine for this offense, since the main goal of the traffic police is to balance road traffic and minimize traffic jams.


The above list of cities that are currently considered the best for motorists, no doubt, will interest fans of auto tourism. Most of them, in addition to excellent conditions for lovers of car travel, also boast magnificent views, sights, and picturesque. So, if you want to get into car heaven, even if for a little while, choose any city and go get pleasant impressions!

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