4 Easy Ways To Learn Spanish At Home

4 Easy Ways To Learn Spanish At Home

No matter your level of Spanish, there are many ways to learn Spanish at home. Of course, studying at home will not provide you with the same experience of learning Spanish in Spain, for example, but travel may not be an option at all times.

Here are tips for learning Spanish from home:

Watch TV in Spanish

If you are stuck at home, you must be spending a lot of time on TV. Therefore, we recommend that you collect the benefits and the fun by following the Spanish TV programs, which will allow you to learn some colloquial vocabulary in Spanish, as well as understand the general culture in Spain. Beginners can use the translation feature, and advanced users can listen and write down new vocabulary and words that they may encounter. Check out some Spanish series on Netflix that we recommend you watch here.

Listen to the podcast channels in Spanish

If you are a beginner, choose to listen to any podcast and repeat it often until your ears get used to hearing the language. For intermediate students, they should choose a podcast whose lyrics they can understand. We recommend listening to the podcast provided by the Spanish National Radio or Radio Ambiolante. Tip: Download the podcasts written and read them after listening to collect the most vocabulary words.

Find someone you can speak Spanish with

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, so there is no doubt that you may know at least one person who speaks this language. Ask someone who speaks Spanish if he likes to do exchange sessions, or if a member of his family or friend is interested in having a swap session. If you can’t find a language speaker in your relationship circle, look for language exchange apps on search engines and mobile app stores.

Turn your phone and computer into Spanish

Converting your mobile phone and computer into Spanish will force you to learn new vocabulary so that you can use them. One of the advantages of doing this is that search engines can recognize the language of your device and present pages on the Internet in the same language, thus you will get search results in Spanish and you will experience full immersion in the language.

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