Top 10 Netflix Series To Learn French

Top 10 Netflix Series To Learn French

Have you ever felt guilty after spending many hours watching a Netflix series? This is a feeling we all share. However, what do you think, next time, to combine entertainment with learning a language by watching the series to learn French on Netflix, and so you will have a completely convincing excuse when your eyes are swollen the next morning!

Top 10 Netflix Series To Learn French

1.     Le Chalet

Imagine reuniting with a group of old friends in the French Alps. However, soon things change suspiciously, and the friends begin to search for a way to save their lives in the house they have been trapped in. Enjoy tracking the secrets, excitement and shocking moments that unfold in the six episodes of this series.

2.     Dix Pour Cent

This series, called “Call My Agent” in English, follows the lives of professionals working for a talent company. Learn French while watching the hilarious events in this series, which will transport you to work in the media sector in a busy office in Paris. You will also learn a lot about the real French celebrities that the series hosts in each episode.

3.     Osmosis

If you like the British science fiction series “Black Mirror” shown on Netflix, you are sure to enjoy this series as well, which is set in a world where there is a dating app that claims to find a guaranteed lifetime partner for all of its users. However, all those wanting to find a lifetime partner have to do is swallow a pill that will download all the data from their brain. Imagine the worst that could happen?

4.     Marseille

Although this work received a lot of harsh criticism in France, it is a series that you should not miss. It is a political crime drama, and if you love to learn about the culture as a whole, this series fuses characters from Spain, Italy, South Africa and the Mediterranean.

5.     Plan Cœur

This series is suitable for fans of romantic comedies, and it follows the events that take place with a young woman trying to forget her ex-boyfriend, only to find herself falling in love with a young man who works as a night attendant.

6.     La Forêt

If you also like crime dramas, try this Belgian-French series, which is about an investigation into the disappearance of a young girl in a nearby forest. When a local professor with a dubious past joins the research team, secrets begin to emerge, and haunting discoveries begin to form.

7.     Témoins

Awan means “The Witnesses,” and it is also a crime drama. Season 1 investigates the events that led to the digging of the bodies of six men and placing them in showhouses. In Season Two, police are investigating a bus case that found the bodies of 15 men on board. At the same time, a young woman wakes up in a car without remembering anything about her previous life, and somehow there is a link between the events. Although the events are very interesting, it is easy to follow as a language learner.

8.     Les Grandes Grandes Vacances

This short series is an animation that takes place over five episodes, about the transformation of the course of a vacation to the Normandy region due to the entry of the Nazi occupation of the region. The series follows two children, who are the main characters in the series. Although the series is classified as suitable for ages 7 and up, it will be an excellent training for your language skills.

9.     Le Bureau des Légendes

This political horror series sheds light on the Secret Security Service in France, and the events are based on testimonies from real spies. Learn about the challenges faced by people who have to live with false identities, and the danger associated with this. Fortunately, since this series spans four seasons, you will be able to train your language skills a great deal.

10.  Glacé

This series is based on the story of the novel of the same name by Bernard Miller. It is a horror and crime series as well, and its events begin with an investigation into the circumstances of the finding of a beheaded horse. The series spans only six episodes, and if you want to really train your skills in the French language, we recommend that you read the book that inspired this series as well.

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