The 10 Most Powerful Boxers In History

Clay, Tyson And Lewis … The 10 Most Powerful Boxers In History

Boxing is one of the oldest sports ever, and it occupies a high position among sports around the world, and it is also called the sport of kings or noble art. Below, ” Viral Untold ” reviews the 10 best boxers in history.

The 10 most powerful boxers in history

Mohamed Ali Klay

Boxing legend for all time. Muhammad Ali Clay, born in 1942, was born as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. Embracing Islam in 1964, Clay won the World Heavyweight Championship three times, and crowned the Athlete of the Century in 1999 and crowned the world title three different times .. He describes himself as “flying like a butterfly and stung like a bee” with the fastest and strongest punch in the world. His career included 65 wins, 37 of them by knockout, and only 5 defeats.

Mike Tyson

Born in 1966. An American boxer, nicknamed Iron Man. He won the title of world heavyweight champion, and at the age of only 20 years, he was famous for losing consciousness to his rivals on the ring, and he converted to Islam after entering prison after he encountered some people who convinced him of Islam.

Roberto Duran

Roberto Duran. of Panamanian origins, many consider him the greatest lightweight boxer, as he won four titles, including the World Boxing Association Championship and the World Boxing Council Championship. He retired in 2002 after a successful career, winning 103 meetings, out of 119 fights. He lost 16 times and also won 70 fights by knockout.

Guglielmo Papa Leo

He was born in 1922, an American boxer of Italian descent. He was fast and fit, he was the most fought boxer; Where the victory was allied in 229 fights out of a total of 241, losing only once, and tied in 11.

Henry Armstrong

Born in 1912, he is an American professional boxer ranked as one of the greatest boxers of all time, he is the only boxer to have won three world championships at the same time.

Julio Cesar Chavez

Born in 1962 in Mexico, he won the World Boxing Association Championship, the World Boxing Council Championship and the International Boxing Association Championship. During his career, he fought 115 fights, won 107, drew 2 and lost 6. He won by knockout in 86 fights.

Jack Dempsey

Born in America 1895, he was nicknamed “Harasa Suha.” One of the most popular heavyweight boxers of all time, he defeated Jess Willard in 1919 to win the championship. Dempsey lost the title in 1926.

Jack Johnson

Born in 1878 in Texas, of African origins, he was classified in the heavyweight category.

Sugar Re Robinson

He was born 1921. One of the greatest boxers in history, Robinson was an amateur boxer when he achieved 69 knockout victories, including 40 in the first round, claimed numerous titles, and became the first boxer in history to win a five-time World Ranking Championship. The strange thing is that he withdrew in one of the matches; Because he dreamed that he killed his opponent by knockout, and when they convinced him to return, he actually threw his opponent dead on the ground, and when he heard that his opponent was playing this match only to collect some money to build a house for his mother, Sugar built it for her.

Joe Lewis

Born in 1914, nicknamed “Brown Bomber”, he is an American professional boxer, and world heavyweight champion. Lewis ranked first in the heavyweight category of all time, and this title was awarded by the International Boxing Organization for Research and first place in The Ring magazine’s list of the 100 greatest boxers ever, and despite the widespread racism at that time against blacks, he was able to be a hero. Nationally in the United States.

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