The Most Dangerous Dogs In The World - Top-10

The Most Dangerous Dogs In The World – Top-10

Today, many families make four-legged friends at home. Their choice depends on appearance, breed, character, food preferences, climate and environment, and other factors. Each pet is absolutely individual, as is its character, however, there are sad statistics indicating certain breeds that can pose a threat to both humans and other animals. So, what choice of a pet in the absence of further correct upbringing can become wrong? This article presents the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world.

The Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

1. American bandog

The unconditional leader of the top ten. This fighting breed was developed by scientists by mixing the genes of the Mastiff and the Bull Terrier. And this was done so that the dogs took part in fierce battles, as well as sensitively guarding the homes of their owners. The dogs of this breed are very large, and their disposition leaves much to be desired: they are very aggressive and disobedient, and at the same time they are practically not susceptible to training, even when contacting experienced dog handlers. Moreover, the American bandog prefers not only to injure and maim his victim, but to kill. By the way, bandog breeding has already been strictly banned in Romania, Switzerland and some American states precisely because it is the most dangerous dog breed in the world.

2. Rottweiler

In a well-deserved second place. These powerful service dogs are used for various purposes: to guard and drive livestock, in dog fights, to protect the house and others. The breeders here have tried their best and combined many not the best qualities for pets in Rottweilers. These dogs are very suspicious, alert and independent. And if you do not devote sufficient time to the lessons of a puppy with an unformed disposition with an experienced dog handler, then these character traits will not affect in the best way as they grow up: the Rottweiler will grow up cruel, unpredictable and angry. There are cases when these dogs attacked their owners, who simply passed by a sleeping animal. By the way, over the past 30 years, more than 500 attacks on people have been officially registered in Canada and the United States, a small part of which have been fatal, and a large number have been severely injured.

3. American Pit Bull Terrier

Speaking about what are in the world, one simply cannot fail to mention this breed, which is rightfully ranked third in the top. According to the same statistics collected in Canada and the United States over the previous 30-35 years, they bypassed the relatives who took second place in this rating. Here, the number of attacks was recorded, almost 8 times higher than attacks from the Rottweilers. About 300 people died as a result of meeting with pit bull terriers, and more than 2,000 were seriously injured. These rather large and very aggressive dogs are also poorly trained, which makes them killer machines. Such a dog can attack without any remorse not only on a stranger, but also on its own master. That is why regular meetings and training with a dog handler are recommended for dogs of this breed from an early age. The breeding of American Pit Bull Terriers is already prohibited in many European countries, and in Australia any representative of the breed is castrated in order to eliminate its population.

4. Wolfdog

It occupies an honorable fourth place in the ranking. The breed received such a collective name from all kinds of hybrids of wolves with dogs. If we talk about the useful purpose of these animals, then most often they are used as service dogs in the border troops. Since the blood and temper of wild wolves still prevail in the veins of the wolf-dogs, one should not expect affection and devotion from them. They are aggressive, unpredictable and very willful. If an experienced dog handler can cope with the education of discipline and obedience at the border, then there can be no question of raising such a pet within the walls of the house. And although many are now being sophisticated, keeping various four-legged in apartments, whose place is in nature, wild animals have no place among people.

5. Dogo Canary

Fifth place in the ranking. This breed was bred by crossing mastiffs with shepherd breeds. It was from the mastiff that the very large size and powerful jaw box, as well as strong aggression, were inherited. Canary mastiffs practically do not lend themselves to education and training. Only patient owners and experienced dog handlers who help them are able to rein in these giants. Such dogs are very smart; therefore, it is necessary to approach education wisely so that the pet understands what exactly is required of him. Breeding four-legged of this breed is currently prohibited in Australia and Italy, as well as in several states of America.

6. Dogo Argentino

It also keeps up with its tailed relatives and ranks sixth in the top 10. This breed was bred as a hunting breed for baiting wild boars, moose and other large cloven-hoofed animals. The pain threshold of Great Danes is quite low, so they practically do not feel pain as such. Despite the fact that dog handlers unanimously insist that the representatives of this given breed are quite obedient and even friendly, they still urgently need education and socialization. If a dog breeder is very experienced in matters of education, then raising an obedient and kind dog for him will not be difficult. If a newcomer starts an Argentinean mastiff, then it is better for him to resort to the help of an experienced dog handler. Approaching the issue of raising puppies of this breed, it is important to teach them to correctly calculate their strengths and never direct them against a person. But, nevertheless, even with proper education, the Great Dane remains a dog and shows aggression, if not towards people, then towards other animals, for sure. Breeding of representatives of the Dogo Argentino breed is currently prohibited in many countries: Turkey, Israel, Romania, Portugal, Norway and others.

7. Neapolitan Mastiff

Cynologists and scientists, conducting research on what is the most dangerous dog in the world, could not fail to note the formidable representatives of this breed. Since ancient times, mastiffs have been used for dog fights, later they became excellent watchmen and guards. If such a four-legged is properly educated, then it will become an excellent bodyguard for its owner. But if in the process of upbringing only the slightest mistake is made, the dog can become simply uncontrollable. Representatives of this breed are especially scary for their impressive size, strength and absolute fearlessness. That is why it is necessary to start taking a mastiff as a puppy to classes with a dog handler and continue them as the animal grows up.

8. Brazilian Fila

Fila is also a species of Mastiff and deservedly recognized as one of the best breeds of chain dogs. They are quite independent, rather suspicious of strangers and show moderate aggression. Fila can also, with proper upbringing, become an excellent bodyguard and faithfully protect its owner. This breed lends itself to training, but it is better for a dog handler to do this, and not for the owner himself. Having started an attack, such a dog never stops, therefore it carries a mortal threat. The cultivation of Brazilian fils is banned in Turkey, Spain, Norway and several other countries.

9. Tosa Inu

Japanese mastiff, occupying the penultimate place in the top ten. The breed was bred for fighting and is still involved in them. In these dogs, aggression directed at other animals is at the genetic level. To tame the Tosa Inu, a number of conditions must be met. The first and most important thing is to develop a training program with an experienced dog handler. Second – the owner, who is going to have just such a dog, must have experience of communicating with fighting breeds. And third – the owner needs to spend as much time as possible next to the pet and often walk it. And it is very important, even if the animal is well brought up, not to leave it alone with small animals, so as not to provoke aggression by familiar treatment.

10. Chow Chow

Closes our rating. Yes, these are quite cute and harmless fluffy dogs can be fraught with danger. The thing is that raising such a “bear cub” is a very hard work, since they give in to training with great difficulty. Chow Chows are very capricious and will not tolerate familiarity in dealing with themselves, their behavior can be unpredictable and rather aggressive. Therefore, in the upbringing process, the participation of not only the owner, but also the cynologist is necessary. Statistics on dog attacks on humans in the United States and Canada suggest that surprise attacks by Chow Chows are most often associated with children. After all, kids are drawn to these big soft creatures, and they do not tolerate neglect of themselves. At the moment, the breeding and keeping of representatives of this breed is prohibited in several states of the United States.

Here is a dozen presented by dog ​​handlers as a result of research However, one should not assume that all dogs of each of the listed breeds are angry, aggressive and at the first opportunity they are ready to attack a person or another animal. No, it all depends on heredity, character, upbringing, environment and people’s attitude to this or that individual.

By the way, even a small Pomeranian can sometimes be several times angrier than a huge and severe Great Dane. And in no case should you think that the larger the dog is, the more terrible it is. After all, if you remember the good old fable “The Elephant and the Pug”, then at first glance everything may seem completely different from what it really is.

Get any dog you like and don’t be afraid of it. Raise her correctly, give affection, love and care, and in return you will definitely get a truly devoted and loving four-legged friend!

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