Lose Weight Before The Wedding, 14 Important Tips

Lose Weight Before The Wedding, 14 Important Tips

You are preparing for the wedding? You are looking for the most beautiful white dress that suits you, but you suffer from extra kilos, and you must choose a specific model? Do you worry about the pictures while you are at your current weight? Don’t have much time before Happy Day? Then you want to lose weight before the wedding and reach your ideal weight quickly.

If this is what you are looking for, this article is specially prepared for you, in order to present a set of 14 rules that guarantee weight loss before the wedding in an easy, simple and effective way.

14 – Start with losing weight well before the wedding

The feeling of wanting to get the ideal weight before the wedding date is usually associated with a feeling of stress and anxiety, and fear of not reaching a slim body in record time, and this is exactly what makes it worse, especially if you overeat when they feel upset or disturbed.

And to avoid all those hassles that may affect the rest of the wedding preparations, you just have to make this decision at the right time, and start by following a healthy diet early, at least two or three months before the wedding, until you feel comfortable and the possibility of losing weight.

And the first step is to go to a nutritionist and fitness expert, and get what suits you diets, and what helps you lose weight, in addition to determining the ideal weight for you, your age and your height.

13 – Avoid harsh diets

Losing weight very quickly, and without waiting for several months, is wonderful on the surface, but it is never like this in essence, due to the consequences that are often negative.

Such diets give you a large and rapid weight loss, but they work to deprive your body of the elements that are important to it, and disturb its balance, and the effects of that will begin to appear, and first on your skin, it may appear pale, with black circles around the eyes, in addition to annoying pimples and pimples, and then You will be less active than usual.

“These effects can be dealt with and hidden. The most important thing is to gain weight.” If this is your opinion, then you are wrong, because as soon as you stop following them after the wedding, your weight will return to what it was, and it may also increase.

12 – Reducing the amount of calories

After you know the dangers of following severe diets, you must identify the best solution that provides you with an ideal weight and healthy weight loss without depriving the body of important elements, and without losing activity and beauty.

This is possible by playing with the amount of calories that enter your body, and moderately reducing them. On average, the body needs between 1500 – 2000 calories to carry out all its functions, and it does not begin to metabolize until after it has obtained 1000 of them.

So, what you have to do is get all kinds of food, but focus on the amount of calories and try to reduce them, and it is preferable if an expert is consulted about that, as he is the most able to determine what your body needs in terms of calories in order to lose weight before the wedding

11 – Reducing the intake of sugars

You can make superstar Adele inspire you to lose weight before the wedding: when she appeared to reporters after a clear weight loss, someone asked her how it happened? Her answer was simple and important.

She told him that she loves to drink tea in an indescribable way, meaning that she consumes no less than 10 cups of it a day, but the problem is not with tea at all, the problem is that she adds more than 2 spoons of sugar to each cup, that is, she takes more than 20 spoons from sugar, in addition to the amount you get from other foods.

Stopping her from drinking tea, that is, her stopping her intake of a huge amount of sugar allowed her to lose weight quickly, in addition to reducing the feeling of hunger, and obtaining beautiful skin.

10 – Abandoning some habits and adopting others

If your weight is gaining or decreasing, then it is certain that you are following some bad habits that must be changed and others adopted, and these are the most important of them:

Eating in front of the television is what prompts you to eat more, so you should completely stop this habit.

Eating food in large plates, it will push you to eat more without paying attention to it, and it must now be replaced with small, dark-colored ones.

Eating food while preparing it, and this will not make you feel full because your brain will not take that amount as a meal, no matter what.

Eating quickly, and not paying attention to chewing it, as many studies have shown that weight gain is greater for those who rush to their food.

9 – Adoption of vegetables and fiber

Do you want to lose weight quickly? Do you hate feeling hungry and deprived? Do you dream of perfect skin before your wedding day? Do you want to enjoy vigor, vitality and health?

Certainly yes, so you should adopt natural vegetables and foods, which have a lot of fiber, as they are effective in helping your body get rid of toxins, which in turn will restore radiance to your skin, and vitality to you.

8 – Eat foods that get rid of fats

There are many types of food and drink that get rid of fat and boost metabolism, and it should be your first choice in this period, and by relying on them, you will notice a quick and easy weight loss.

For example, you can burn fat by eating a piece of dark black chocolate on a daily basis, drinking a cup or two of green tea or cold or hot lemonade without adding sugar, eating hot pepper and then a cup of coffee without sugar.

As for meals, they must contain an adequate amount of protein, which plays a primary role in eliminating excess weight, and it is always best to eat fish, as it contains important amino acids.

7 – Avoid some foods to lose weight before the wedding

Unlike foods that burn fat, you should avoid eating some types that increase your weight, and stand in the way of your loss, and it is preferable that you avoid them as a way of life and not only in the period leading up to the wedding.

For example, you should avoid drinking soft drinks because of all the sugar they contain, and the calories, even those “diet” types, in addition to stopping eating ready meals and fatty foods, and replacing them with a healthy dish that is prepared at home.

6 – Do not neglect exercise

Despite the preoccupation with wedding preparations, all that concerns you should not neglect sports and exercise, as it will ensure that you get a healthy body, and build a graceful body away from the sagging that accompanies rapid and large weight loss.

So you have to walk quickly for a period of not less than 30 minutes, and that is more than 3 days a week, or participate in a gym that guarantees you a sufficient period of exercise with the designated sports equipment.

This is not beneficial in terms of weight only, but it works to rid you of the feeling of pressure and discharge all the negative energy associated with increasing tasks, and approaching the wedding date, and thus feel better and more confident.

5 – Continuing to move to lose weight before the wedding

This is not difficult for a bride who is attending her wonderful wedding, rather, she almost does not get any amount of rest, but the role of this can be strengthened through some important points, namely:

  • Going fast, especially in the markets, and this will ensure that you save a lot of time and get a lot of results.
  • Adopting stairs and climbing up on them instead of elevators, and trying to climb them quickly, and enjoying that.
  • Adopting comfortable sneakers in all the places you are, this will facilitate your movement, unlike narrow shoes with high heels.
  • Leaving the car and heading to some places on foot, and this may constitute a beautiful and beneficial outing at the same time and increase the chance of losing weight before the wedding

4 – Attention to breakfast

As previously mentioned, the body does not start burning fats until after obtaining a certain amount of calories, and this can be guaranteed by eating breakfast, which will mark the beginning of the burning, and get an ideal body.

In addition, many studies have shown that once you stop eating in the morning for several days, weight will increase significantly, activity will decrease to a large extent, and the desire to eat foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates will increase.

So, from now on you must make sure you have a healthy breakfast, and this can be done by eating breakfast cereals, with a lot of fruit and an amount of milk, or preparing a fruit salad with a little black chocolate or nuts.

3 – Quit dinner

Unlike breakfast, dinner is what stands in the way of losing weight, and it is what causes an increase in it, especially if you eat dinner and then go to sleep.

This is because the body’s ability to digest and burn fats is at its peak during the day and fades at night, and it needs more time for that, and this means the accumulation of food in the form of fat when sleeping after dinner.

So, from now you have to train to leave the dinner meal, gradually, that is, make it more than 4 hours before bedtime, and then stop eating anything, while reducing the amount until your body adapts to its lack of it.

2 – Water diet

The water diet offers you: rapid weight loss, treatment of many diseases, restoration of skin color to normal, and rid of its problems, by drinking water.

This diet depends mainly on consuming at least 3 cups of water in the morning on an empty stomach, and waiting for a period ranging between 40 – 50 minutes before eating anything after the water, in addition to eating a cup half an hour before each meal.

1 – Lose weight with friends

This will be a strong impulse towards losing weight, in addition to that it will reduce the difficulty of reducing the amount of food, or being deprived of the varieties that you may prefer, with a lot of fun and competition between you.

All you have to do is agree with a close group of girlfriends, set a goal to lose weight quickly, and then participate with them in all activities and clubs, and a special group can be created on social media sites that include, but knowledge of weight loss news is easy and fast.


All you have to do is get a beautiful wedding dress but a size smaller than yours by a degree or more, and hang it in front of your eyes continuously, until your goal is to have your body size the same size as the dress. Whenever you feel weak and want to stop dieting, you should try on the dress or look at it.

Now you can shine on your wedding day and shine like a famous star, and get the most beautiful memories that revolve around your beauty in the white dress and the grace of your body.

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