10 Tips To Learn English Faster

10 Tips To Learn English Faster

English is a fun language to learn (here are 9 reasons that distinguish it) and despite it being an easy and accessible language to learn as it contains 750,000 words and more, learning English may seem impossible, but we are here to tell you that it is not so – as long as you have the strategy Right.

Here are 10 tips to learn English faster as a starting point and you will master this wonderful language in a short time!

Read whatever your eyes fall on

Classical literature, paperback books, newspapers, websites *****, emails, social media posts, and pill packages: if they are in English, read them. Why? These components contain new and exciting vocabulary in addition to the vocabulary you already have. This helps you improve quickly as exposure to previously learned vocabulary gives you new examples in context, thus reinforcing those words in your mind. On the other hand, learning new words and phrases is essential for building your vocabulary, especially in a language like English which has so many words! Your reading is not for information only – you should …

Take notes on new vocabulary

This advice is classic for a good reason: It’s effective when learning, we often enjoy good words but there are fears that we will quickly forget them. But trust me, words won’t stick at first glance. To get around this, make it a habit to use a traditional notebook or use a tool like Evernote. Write any new word or phrase that you hear or read in its context: that is, in a sentence and the meaning that you understood. This will save your time and you will never come back to the word again and ask yourself: “What does this word / expression mean again?”

Talk to people

What is the use of language if it is not for communication? We have become experts at communicating without opening our mouths – thanks to WhatsApp – but when it comes to decisive action, speaking a language that helps you settle in your head is better than just reading or writing. Just think of the number of times I heard people say, “We understand, but we cannot speak English,” and that has become an impenetrable barrier **** for those intending to be English speakers. Do not be. Look for native speakers for informal language exchange, sign up for courses or take lessons online.

Subscribe to podcast services or YouTube channels (in English)

Like jokes? Politics? Blogging? Cooking? With topics covering all the benefits imaginable, there are many podcasts or YouTube channels. Subscribe to a few and have fun while you drive or watch them while you go to school or work. At first you will find it difficult in native dialects, but it is a spirit of persistence and determination, and you have to quickly begin to understand what you hear (as well as learn a lot of new vocabulary from native speakers!)

Travelling abroad

There is no better way to learn a language than to travel either to live or study the language in an English-speaking country, we want to learn! It is no secret that the English language is the largest and most widespread language in the world, with a long list of countries to choose from, you can select an ideal learning environment based on the hemisphere, weather or your favorite city. You can think of, but are not limited to, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, and South Africa.

Collaborate with your friends

Do you have friendships with people who post online in English? Don’t neglect their posts for you: copy these shared posts and commit to exploring one or two every day. It could be news, newspaper articles, videos, talks, blogs, songs, or anything else: if it is in English and on topics of interest to you, it will be useful to you!

Ask many questions

Curiosity may be the cause of killing the cat, but it also pushes the language learner to speak fluently! As you learn English, you will be given a mountain of questions. Don’t give in to your doubts – be curious and solve them! If you are taking a course, ask your teacher (why are they there after all) but if you are learning on your own, don’t worry. Find answers on blogs or language sites and ask other learners or by reading in forums. You will be happy if you do!

Take the lead from the stars

Try to mix up the types of learning by choosing your favorite English-speaking actor or singer. Now, stay online, look for a bunch of interviews with them – watch them! Watch once for the bottom line, then again, take the time to jot down interesting expressions and words you hear. Slang, stories, jokes, and anecdotes contained in these interviews will give you a sum of your valuable vocabulary!

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