10 Strangest Places On Planet Earth

Strangest Places On Planet Earth

Planet Earth is a large cave, of which we have only discovered a small part, as successive scientific discoveries truly prove that we do not know anything about this wondrous planet.

The site “wonderslist” presented the strangest 10 places on the planet, so what are they?

10 strangest places on planet earth

1- “Hoya Bacchio forests” in Romania

It is a forest in Kolog, Romania, and was inhabited by its indigenous people who depend on collecting firewood and hunting, but in 1960, it gained a bad reputation, and the population began to migrate from it, after allegations of hearing strange noises and hysterical women’s laughter, and the people spoke of seeing things Weird, as there is a specific spot in this forest, devoid of trees, known as the “mysterious circle,” and residents say that whoever enters it does not leave it.

2- “Lake Hillier” in Australia

A Salt Lake located in western Australia, and is characterized by the color of its pink water, which does not change even when transferred from the lake, and scientists believe that the reason for this pink color of the lake is the microalgae “Dunaliella salina”, which produces a pigment called “carotenoids”, although “Lake Hillier” High in salt, it is completely safe for swimming.

3- “Badab Sourt springs” in Iran

A group of mineral water springs in northern Iran, which is one of the most beautiful and rare sites in the world, and is the second largest salt water spring in the world, after the “Pamuk Kale” spring in Turkey, and these springs are layers of salt water, which formed deposits of salt, iron and minerals. On the slopes of the mountain over thousands of years; Which explains the bright orange color predominant.

4- “Hell Gate” in Turkmenistan

It is a name given to a crater burning non-stop since 1971 in the village of “Derwiz”, which is located 250 km from the Turkmen capital Ashgabat.

The hole, which has a diameter of 70 meters, a width of 60 meters and a depth of about 20 meters, was formed after the fall of the natural gas excavator during its work in the region in 1971 during the era of the former Soviet Union, where scientists set fire to it in the hope that the fire would consume the gas to prevent its leakage and harm the environment, except the fire has not stopped since then.

5- “Socotra Island” in Yemen

With an area of ​​3,796 square kilometers, it is one of the rarest places in the world; Because it contains nearly 700 species of plants, animals, insects and birds that can only be found, such as: the “day butterfly” and the “night butterfly”, and it is one of the most isolated places in the world.

6- “Oradour-sur-Glane” in France

It is a French city located in the Limousin region in central-western France, and it is called the martyr town, and it is one of the villages that suffered from the ravages of the Nazi occupation, as it was completely destroyed.

In June of 1944, the city was occupied by Nazi German soldiers, and the city resisted this occupation, but German forces invaded the city and committed the famous massacre, killing all of its inhabitants, as their number reached 642, including 207 children.

7- Nevada’s Fly Geyser

The strangest spring of water you can see in your life, because it is located on a private livestock farm, owned by a citizen in the “Black Rock” desert in Nevada, USA. This phenomenon is not entirely normal and was found by chance in 1916 while drilling a well.

The well continued to operate normally for several decades, but in 1964 the hot water, due to the geothermal heat, began to seep out to the surface, through a small hole in the well.

8- “Red Beach” in China

It is located in Dawa County, near the city of Panjin in China, and got its name due to a type of red water algae called “sueda”, which grows in its salty soil since April, last until autumn, and this area is closed to visitors, except for a small area overlooking it. On the entire beach.

9- “Sacro Bosco / Bomarzo Gardens” in Italy

Also known as the “Garden of Monsters”, it is a park that was created during the 16th century in the province of “Viterbo” in Italy, and is one of the strangest gardens in the world, which was created by Prince Pierre Francesco Orsini after the death of his wife. The strange and frightening giant carved out of the rock.

10- “Bermuda Triangle”

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the “Devil’s Triangle”, is one of the most mysterious places in the world, and is located in an area in the North Atlantic Ocean, where a large number of aircraft and ships disappeared at this location without explanation, and then began the stories, which he called “myths.” The Bermuda Triangle”.

There are many theories about the “Bermuda Triangle,” but no one knows for sure what the truth is.

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