Top 10 Fastest Aircraft In The World

Top 10 Fastest Aircraft In The World: Super Speed Models

All over the world there are an incredible number of aircraft that have overcome unthinkable boundaries. Some of the vehicles are considered research vehicles, but most are reconnaissance or combat vehicles.

One of the most important features of combat aircraft is the speed of movement, and here in the 10 fastest combat aircraft in the world we will show a ranking of the fastest combat aircraft, in addition to the fastest fighter aircraft in the world.

Top 10 fastest aircraft in the world


This aircraft reaches Mach 2.35 with ease. The Su-27 is a true engineering gem of the former USSR. This machine has two engines and a remote control, which was first used for Soviet combat aircraft. This device was created with the aim of gaining superiority in the air atmosphere. The aircraft has a 30 mm cannon, 10 points of suspension designed for air missiles. They can hit the enemy at short and medium distances. The Su-27 first took to the skies more than 35 years ago, but the plane is still in combat formation.

General Dynamics F-111

The speed of this aircraft is 3060 km / h. This tactical bomber is capable of reaching speeds of Mach 2.5. This aircraft was subject to decommissioning back in 1998. It had 9 external suspension points and 2 compartments for storing bombs inside the fuselage. It was this that gave him the ability to lift 14,300 kg of bombs into the sky and deliver to the target, and carry air missiles. Engineers were able to install a multi-barreled rapid-fire cannon on the plane. This car was often called the Anteater.

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

The speed of the car is 3065 km / h. The all-weather fighter is one of the most successful aircraft and is still under the supervision of the United States Air Force. The F-15 Eagle has 2 engines and an amazing thrust-to-weight ratio. All this makes it possible to accelerate the aircraft weighing 18,000 kg. The first flight of the machines took place back in 1976. It is still considered a very important component of the United States Air Force’s armaments. This unit is capable of taking on board air missiles, additional fuel tanks. For this, the F-15 has 11 suspension points. In addition, the aircraft is armed with the M61A1 Vulcan 20 mm rapid-fire cannon.


The aircraft has 2 engines. They are incredibly powerful. This is what allows the aircraft to gain such supersonic speed at different altitudes. Active and passive radar systems were installed on the MiG-31. 4 such vehicles could easily take control of an area 900 km long. In terms of armament, the aircraft would be equipped with a 23mm automatic cannon, 4 heavy air-to-air missiles or special missiles for high velocity targets. The aircraft was discontinued back in 1994. The exact number of vehicles manufactured is unknown. Estimated number of 400-500 copies.

XB-70 Valkyrie

This is a unique creation, born during the cold and ruthless war. Six engines must accelerate a machine weighing 240 tons. up to Mach 3 speed. The incredible speed heated the structure up to 330 ° C. This speed is necessary for the aircraft in order to hide from the interceptors on the Soviet side, and most importantly, to avoid the consequences of a nuclear explosion, since the XB-70 is a bomber aircraft that was created to move nuclear weapons. Its large enough size made it possible to raise the fuel supply in order to penetrate the territory of the Soviet Union and return without additional refueling in the air. The first flight of this aircraft took place in 1964. There were 2 inventions in total.

Bell x-2 starbuster

An experimental aircraft made in America. It was created with the aim of learning about all the conditions of high speed flight. The first take-off of the invention took place in 1954, but within 2 years the program was stopped. It was on this machine that the behavior of the aircraft was studied at a speed of more than Mach 2. This plane achieved an incredible speed at that time – Mach 3,196. As a result of reaching this speed, the pilot made a sharp movement, and the car went out of control. After such an event, the program was terminated.


The MiG-25 was designed to intercept America’s reconnaissance aircraft, such as the SR-71, which flew at low speeds at high altitudes. In order to carry out these tasks, the aircraft had an exceptional characteristic: the speed of Mach 3.2, the ability to hit a target from an altitude of 25 km. The aircraft is currently being produced in several countries. In total, about 1,100 vehicles were built.

Lockheed yf-12

The development of the YF-12 was based on the creation of a prototype capable of accelerating at Mach 3.35. Externally, the car is very similar to the SR-71 Blackbird. The aircraft is armed with three air-to-air missiles. Both aircraft were developed by the eminent Clarence Johnson. Soon the production of cars stopped, but this instance will forever remain in the memory and history of aviation.

SR-71 Blackbird

This type of aircraft was used by the United States Air Force and NASA. In the military sphere, the Blackbird was used for research purposes. The first flight of the invention took place in 1964. There are 5 identical aircraft in total. They were used to spy on many countries. The SR-71 was the first to use stealth technology. But the most reliable and main defense of the aircraft is its incredible speed. The main problem when creating a car is too high a temperature to which it literally heated up. The plane was refueled with separate fuel and exclusively during the flight.

North American X-15

The world’s fastest and fastest aircraft is the manned X-15. Its maximum acceleration reaches incredible figures – Mach 6.7. The aircraft was built to study hypersonic flights. The plane is powered by a rocket engine, it starts from the bomber. The invention reached Mach 6.7, after which a suborbital flight was completed.

These were the fastest planes in the world. We are sure that, having learned this information about various aircraft copies, no one remained indifferent.

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