5 Proven Ways To Learn French From Home

Proven Ways To Learn French From Home

Even if you cannot leave your home, there is no reason to give up your dream of learning French. This is thanks to the resources available digitally for French language students, as well as the thousands of English speakers looking for someone to do an online language exchange with.

Here are ways to learn French at home:

Use an app to teach French (for beginners)

If you want to learn French from home but you haven’t studied the language before, it is a good idea to start by learning some basics and vocabulary with the help of language apps. One of the advantages of the test to learn French using applications is that they are fun, free and easy to spend a lot of time on without getting bored.

Listen to texts in French

There is no doubt that the French language is one of the most beautiful languages ​​you may listen to. We recommend that you strengthen your skills by listening in French by following “France Info” to listen to the news, or “Bing Audio” to listen to different conversations, and “Liz Odyssey” if you like history (suitable for ages between 7 and 12 years).

Read a newspaper in French

This method will be useful for learning French if you read on a daily basis. Newspapers are a convenient option because their articles are not very long and cover a wide range of topics. Each day choose an article from “Le Monde” or “Liberation” and try to read it. Try Google Translate if you feel difficult to understand. If you feel that newspapers are difficult for you, try reading the articles on this news site for children

Watch programs and movies in French

Beginners can activate the subtitle feature in their own language when watching films and programs in French. However, if your level is more advanced, avoid using translation, or use the feature that the text appears at the bottom of the screen in French.

Talk to the French

When you feel ready to speak French or communicate by texting, try one of the many apps dedicated to language exchange. Speaki and HelloTalk will allow you to open an account and communicate with someone within minutes. If you are looking for a permanent language exchange partner, try the “Tandem” app, which will allow you to search for your partner to chat.

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