The Five Highest Bridges In The World

The Five Highest Bridges In The World

Bridges are the most important infrastructure projects for any country. Bridges not only make people’s lives easier or allow them to travel easily, but they also improve transportation routes, and allow more goods to be transported to several places, which boosts the economy.

While building bridges requires huge money, the long-term benefits of bridges are well worth the cost.

5 highest bridges in the world

1- Millau

The Mellau Bridge is the highest bridge in the world, with a height of 336.5 meters, and this bridge is located in France on the valley of the River Tarn, and connects the city of Clermont Ferrand in the center and the city of Beziers in the south, and the Mellau Bridge represents an engineering marvel to the point that many doubted the possibility of its construction.

Before the bridge was built, travelers would have to go down to the valley to reach the other side, and the traffic in the area was very crowded, but the construction of the bridge helped relieve congestion on highways, and this bridge constructed using concrete and steel is 19 meters longer than the Eiffel Tower.

2- Pingtang

The “Ping Tang Bridge” is located in Guizhou Province, southwestern China, and it is the highest bridge in China, and the second highest in the world, with a height of about 332 meters. China spent about 215 million dollars to construct this bridge, with the aim of reducing travel time between Ping Tang and the city of “Luodian”, which now takes an hour, after it took two and a half hours before the bridge was built, and the bridge opened this year.

3- Hutong

The “Hutong” Bridge was built on the Yangtze River, to be resistant to natural disasters and accidents, as this bridge linking Suzhou and Nantong could withstand cargo ship collisions, severe typhoons and strong earthquakes.

The upper part of the bridge consists of a six-lane highway, while the lower part contains four railway tracks, and the height of the bridge is 330 meters, and its construction was completed this year.

4- Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

The cost of the Sultan Selim I Bridge in Turkey amounted to three billion dollars, and this bridge extends across the Bosphorus, and connects Europe and Asia, and has been designed to reduce traffic congestion, and contains two railway tracks and eight vehicle lanes, and it is the first bridge in the world to use a hybrid cable system, it is a system that combines the cable-stayed bridge and the suspension bridge, and the height of the bridge is 322 meters.

5- Russky

The Russky Bridge, built on the eastern Bosphorus in eastern Russia, comes in fifth place, with a height of 321 meters. It is not only one of the tallest bridges in the world, but it is also one of the longest bridges with a length of 1.1 kilometers.

Despite its huge cost of $ 1.1 billion, this bridge is not used much. Since it connects Vladivostok with Russky Island, which is home to only about five thousand people.

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