6 Movies That Help You Learn English .. Do Not Miss Them

6 Movies That Help You Learn English .. Do Not Miss Them

We live to learn and acquire new skills every day, but learning a language differs a lot from learning anything else, while chemistry needs to sit for hours in a laboratory to practice scientific experiments, the language needs to go out into the street and interact with people, because the goal It is simply communicating with others.

And if you cannot go to a place that speaks the language you want to learn, then there is nothing better than movies, as it introduces you to the world of language to learn the way of thinking and life of its speakers so that it is easier for you to understand or speak it, and for this reason you are the best films that teach the modern American dialect.

6 Movies That Help You Learn English

1.     The Social Network 2010

It is not just a movie story, it is an event other than the form of social communication between people on the planet, and planet Earth is not an exaggeration but a fact. The film simply talks about the story of the invention of “Facebook”, and about Mark Zuckerberg, the geeky Harvard student, who invented the first A social network in the world, and the story of Facebook’s transformation from just an idea until it became the most important site in the whole world.

The site will help you learn a lot of vocabulary and terminology of daily life among young people in America, in addition to terminology related to the field of computers and technology.

2.     The Hangover 2009

It is one of the most important American comedies that talks about four friends who decided to travel to “Las Vegas” a few days before their friend’s wedding, and because of their drinking a lot of alcohol, they are exposed to comic situations that put them in trouble that makes them unable to return in time to attend their friend’s wedding.

The movie is full of comedy and laughter, during which you will learn a lot of common American vocabulary, as well as get familiar with everyday vocabulary.

3.     The Hunger Games 2012

The events of the film take place in the future in a country called “Panim”, where every year the Hunger Games battle is held, and contestants are selected to represent each region of the country, and this year “Kittens” was chosen, a 16-year-old girl from District 12, who She undergoes extensive training to represent her region at the annual Hunger Games.

Besides the interesting and wonderful events of the film, you will be able to hear a pure and clear American accent, so you will have no problem understanding what they say.

4.     Cast Away 2000

One of Tom Hanks’ greatest films, whose story revolves around “Chuck Noland,” who works for FedEx, and is forced to travel around the world to solve problems at FedEx centers, and during one of his trips to Malaysia, the capital strikes the plane in which he sits and lands on an isolated island in The Pacific Ocean, where there is no one but him, and the film continues to detail the life of the protagonist on the island and his attempts to survive.

Cast Away is one of the great films to learn the American accent because the dialogue in it is a monologue, it does not contain complex relationships between several people, and the dialogue is clear and its reasonable speed makes it easy to understand.

5.     500 Days of Summer

The movie revolves around an architect named “Tom Hansen” who falls in love with his co-worker named “Samer,” but the problem is that “Samar” does not want the connection, does not believe in him, and she wants free love without any obligations, and “Tom” initially agrees with her opinion. But as time passes, his attachment and love to her increases and he wants to bond with her, but she does not want that, and their relationships take many curves from afar and close, but in the end, they fail and Tom tries to distance her, but he will not be able to do so easily.

A very good movie for learning English and learning how to tell a story from your own concept, and how to use pronouns to do so.

6.     The Break-up 2006

“Gary” and “Brooke” is a married couple who live in Chicago. They have problems because of their different attitudes. “Gary” is irresponsible and “Brooke” is an organized person who loves perfection in everything, and although each of them is happy in his work, they are unhappy. In life with each other, they decide to separate, and many comic situations occur between them because of their differences over the division of their joint properties.

It is an excellent movie for learning the American accent, as it is a complete guide to vocabulary and terminology used in social life. You will also learn all terms related to engagement and marital life, and you will also learn a number of humorous jokes.

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