Simple Ways You Can Take To Make The World A Better Place

Simple Ways You Can Take To Make The World A Better Place

“We will reform the universe” “It came on us” and other negative expressions exacerbate our problems in life, make life more difficult for all of us, as well as underestimate the right of the environment and the harm we cause to it. What if you decide to let go of your negativity for a day and try these simple methods suggested by “50waystohelpplanet” to make the world a better place? Either you or others. The matter does not require a war, nor a great effort to change the world, nor to convince the whole society of the need for change, for every action has a reaction and all you need now at least is to “start with yourself”.

1. Salute the people you meet on the streets.

2. Smile at all employees you deal with during the day, such as the cashier, the worker in the car park, the supermarket cashier and so on.

3. Listen carefully to everyone who talks to you without interrupting or showing signs of boredom.

4. Find some positive aspects of the people you meet and tell them about it.

5- Feed the pets and birds in the streets and give them enough water to drink.

6. Be patient in dealing with people who are older than you, and show them your respect.

7. Open the doors to people who carry heavy things?

8. Help your neighbor with a simple household task, such as taking his rubbish to the dump or driving his children on your way to school.

9. Sharing a special meal with the person you care about.

10. Save your recyclable trash until you find a place to recycle it.

11. Shut down the computer instead of leaving it in sleep mode, thus saving 40 watts per hour per day.

12. Turn off the lights when not in use and the water faucet.

13. Use both sides of the paper and set the default option for the printer to print on both sides, saving many trees.

14. Take a shower in a shorter time. Every two minutes you shorten from your bath, you save more than ten gallons of water.

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