10 Most Dangerous Airports In The World At All!

Most Dangerous Airports In The World At All!

The world around us is full of dangers. Some of it we may fight of our own free will, others we may have to fight. There is a group of the most dangerous and terrifying airports in the world that you may have to land in one day.

The danger lies due to its high extreme locations or short landing paths, which makes landing on it a difficult challenge for pilots and an imminent danger to the lives of passengers.

10 Most Dangerous Airports In The World At All

10. Saba Airport – the shortest commercial runway in the world

About 28 miles south of St. Martin. It has the shortest commercial runway, about 400 meters, and is considered the most dangerous of them in the landing stage.

The pilot must be able to aim to land on that short corridor.

9. Toncontin airport, Tigo Cigalpa, Honduras

Traffic between mountain ranges is the most important obstacle to ensuring a safe landing.

It is located in a valley a thousand meters above sea level.

During descent, the plane must make a 45-degree angle to reach the 7,000-foot elevated airport in the valley

Due to the surrounding mountains, passengers will experience a rapid drop in altitude as the plane runs parallel to the runway.

The winds will complicate matters, forcing the pilots to make final adjustments to adapt before landing.

8. LaGuardia Airport in New York City, USA

The view of the city during the landing is amazing. The main runway has been extended 7,010 feet above water level.

Pilots must avoid interfering with other aircraft at nearby airports.

It is located just 8 miles from downtown Manhattan.

7. Courchevel International Airport in France

The shortest runway is known to be just 525 meters long.

And it is graded by 18.5% of the aspects that consequently affect the daily take-off and landing operations.

Landing is very dangerous and requires pilots to move between the Alps before landing, causing screams of terror among the passengers.

The plane must also land at sharp angles for this to work.

6. Extreme landing at Wellington Airport, New Zealand

A short corridor of 6,351 feet begins and ends in clear blue water, so it is intuitive to realize why the descent is unstable!

It is especially fun for adventurous lovers, but it is not suitable for the faint of heart, so you will feel the imminent danger when about to land.

5. The terrifying Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong

The scariest of them are in the take-off and landing stage due to strong winds, surrounding mountains and turbulent weather conditions

They call it (the scariest mother airport in the world)

It was classified as the most dangerous landing strip on Earth in 1998, and aircraft pilots should exercise caution when taking off and landing.

It is the main base for Cathay Pacific and many regional airlines.

4. Lukla Airport, Nepal

It was renamed Tenzing-Hillary Airport in honor of the first two men who made it to the summit of Everest.

Visitors to Mount Everest often use this airport, but the landing and take-off runways are very short.

The airport is located at an altitude of 8,000 feet (2,438 meters) and has no modern air traffic control equipment, not even lights, and electric power is limited.

And it is considered one of the most dangerous landing strips because of the summit of Everest, the highest point on earth.

3. Antarctica Glacier Runway

The coldest spot on the planet. The fact that there are no paved paths in Antarctica is enough to make you frightened.

All you can see is a long stretch of snow and ice. The critical challenge is the weight of the aircraft that must land on that runway.

Each aircraft must be weighed well to avoid any collision with ice or airstrip.

2. Princess Juliana International Airport in Saint Martin

One of the busiest airports in the world. It resides in the Caribbean Sea.

To land on Princess Juliana International Airport, pilots have to fly a little fov shore. The plane first crosses the fence, then across the road, and then lands on the runway.

It is therefore the second most dangerous airport in the world with a very short runway, just 7,150 feet.

Large aircraft need at least 8,000 feet to ensure a safe landing. Some heavy aircraft require 10,000 feet.

So, it is intended for small and medium airplanes. However, it may be crossed by aircraft such as jumbo A340s and 747s.

1. Barrow Airport in Bhutan, the Himalayan mountains

The most dangerous airport in the world is undisputed. Only eight pilots are eligible to land.

It is located 1.54 miles above sea level and is surrounded by the steep peaks of the Himalayas at 18,000 feet and the trail is only 6,500 feet long.

Travelers to this place need to have something to calm their nerves before take-off.

This narrow runway between the Himalayas is the most dangerous airport in the world.

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