10 Coldest Cities In The World

Coldest Cities In The World

You may feel cold during the winter in your city, and you may hate the presence of this season because of the extreme cold and the accumulation of some snow during the year, but did you know that there are far places whose temperature reaches below zero in great degrees and the winter is eternal, and their snow covers most of the peaks and lands, including the snow does not go Can you imagine going to a remote area with a very low temperature and a lot of snow, rain and winds? If you love winter, this article will be enjoyed by you.

We present to you in this article the 10 coldest regions in the world that you cannot live in if you are a resident of hot countries:

10 coldest cities in the world

1- Verkhoyansk Town

It is one of the coldest cities on the surface of the earth. It is located in the country of (Russia) and is one of the cities of the Republic of (Russian Yakutia). It is characterized by being very cold, meaning that the bitter cold in it cannot bear anyone, as its population does not exceed 1,300 people accustomed to living in it. And adapt to the cold, ice, snow and rain that cover this town, and the temperature in it sometimes reaches minus 67.8 degrees Celsius in the winter, while for the summer its degrees reach minus 3 degrees Celsius.

2 – Rogers’ Pass

This corridor is located in (Montana) within the United States of America, and this road is located at an altitude of about 5600 feet above sea level, so it is one of the areas that is characterized by the harsh and severe cold in the United States of America except for the state of Alaska, and there you must wear a lot of Winter clothing is thicker, and this will not reduce the feeling of freezing in this area.

3- Antarctica

It is located in Antarctica and the southern part of the Earth, and it is one of the coldest continents, and is used only for scientific research, and few animals live in it and humans never inhabit it because it does not bear its harsh climate and its very low temperature, as the temperature reached 89 degrees Celsius below Zero, which no human being can withstand this harsh heat, must die from freezing in this region, so it is never inhabited, and is characterized by a lot of snow covered this continent, rain, strong winds and a bad climate over the course of twenty-four hours, so it is also classified as one of the most The coldest and cruel places in the world.

4- Oymyakon

This village will marvel at its residents and its very harsh climate, as it is located in the country of Russia, and it is considered one of the coldest regions in the world as well. The schools in this village remain open and students’ study and go there even when the temperature is 50 degrees below zero.

5- Estonia

There are many people who do not know about this region, as it is located between Finland and the Baltic Sea, and it is worth noting that it is characterized by its very cold temperature, which reaches 7 degrees Celsius below zero, and this region does not have the usual normal life like any other country due to the difficulty of living in it and its cold climate.

6- Iceland

(Snow City), which is located in Europe, so the average temperature in this region is often below zero, even in the summer. It is characterized by its very cold climate and it is rare to feel the warm temperatures in it during the summer, so it is classified as one of the coldest places as well. The sun almost never reaches it. Moreover, snow and ice accumulate on the outskirts of this country throughout the year, and it is worth noting that the lowest temperature that Iceland has reached is 40 degrees below zero, and you can imagine yourself present when it reaches this degree of The low temperature, your bones are likely to stick to you.

7- Greenland

This very large island. Imagine that it is classified as one of the coldest regions around the world, and that snow covers large areas of it, and this makes it an arena for skiing, so people come to it to do skiing and enjoy the snow covered its land, but its temperature during the winter reaches 20 degrees Celsius below zero This explains to us that it is very cold, and it is worth noting that it is characterized by the presence of winter, snow and cold throughout the year.

8- Kazakhstan

It is one of the coldest countries as well, as it is located near Russia, which makes it very cold, and sometimes temperatures in this country reach about 35 degrees below zero, so it is considered very cold and you live in it as if you live in a refrigerator during the winter season. When the summer arrives, it is characterized by a little temperate climate and is one of the warmest regions in the summer compared to the countries and regions mentioned above.

9- Eureka

It is located in the state of Canada, and it is characterized by its very cold climate, so it is not suitable for housing, but is used for research inside it, and there are very few employees rotating to work in it, and the lowest temperature reached is 16 degrees Celsius below zero, and it is characterized by accumulation Permanent snow on it.

10- Barrow City – Utqiagvik

Located in the United States of America, it is distinguished by being a very cold region than other regions, in addition to that there is snow everywhere, which makes almost anyone who lives in it freezes from the severity of the bitter cold, and the lowest temperature in the city of Barrow has reached about 40 degrees below zero degrees Celsius, imagine yourself there in such a low temperature.

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